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Located in Springfield, Illinois Professional Association Management Services, Inc (PAMS, Inc.) has been serving the management needs of associations since 1989. Our founder has been managing associations for more than 34 years. PAMS, Inc. has a collective staff experience that exceeds 50 years of attention to member needs.

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Our current stable of clients includes associations we have been blessed with serving for more than 16 years. We believe this longevity is a testament to partnerships built on trust and a mutual desire to meet the needs of our clients' members.
Association Management Companies (AMC) operate in many different styles of leadership and service. Our experience indicates that for a long term alliance, volunteer leaders and management must focus on relational growth. From that posture, the association can experience and overall higher level of membership service.

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Some AMC's operate either in a cafeteria style of service allocation or on a billable hour format. PAMS, Inc. does not use either of these management models. It is our desire to be your full turn-key management team without the limitations associated with partial group management or the inherent confusion that can arise out of time allotment. We dedicate whatever time is needed to complete the task.

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We are confident that our management philosophy and operational abilities will compliment your existing leadership. We look forward to the opportunity to more fully visualize the value of a partnership between your organization and PAMS, Inc.


Alliance of Automotive Service
Providers of Illinois

Illinois Association of
Cosmetology Schools

Illinois Aviation Trades Association

Illinois Development Council

Illinois Hearing Society

Illinois Land Title Association

Illinois Self Storage Association

Professional Association Management Services, Inc.

225 East Cook Street
Springfield, IL 62704
(217) 528-5230
(217) 241-4683 fax

Michael R. Lane, M.A.
President & Founder

Committee Login
Board Activities
       Staff serves as Chief Administrative Officer of the Association
       Assists in formulating goals and objectives with the Board of Directors
       Communicates with Board of Directors on all matters which may have importance
          to their role as Directors
       Serves Ex-Officio without vote on Board of Directors, Executive Committee and general
          association committees
       Assists in Policy Management

Membership Development
       Directs Membership Activities: Database management (Microsoft Access); Procurement;
          Retention; Dues billing
       Coordinates Board and Committee Meetings: Organize and attend; Prepare support
          documents; Prepare minutes
       Maintain cooperative spirit with related Professional Groups and Regulatory Agencies
       Business Program Development: Income producing; Service oriented

Meeting Management
       Plans and implements all official meetings and events of the Association, including
          but not limited to conferences, seminars, board meetings, etc.

Financial Management
       Provides monthly bookeeping services (excluding tax filings or audits): Currently using
          QuickBooks Pro software
       Bookeeper is a licensed Certified Public Accountant

       Assists in Website Management: Web sites are developed (including site design) by
          outside consultants who provide the bank-end service capabilities allowing our staff
          to perform web site updates
       MarketVolt System for Email Management to membership

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